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As a verb, to remove biased statements or slanted phrasing. RfD, RFD The Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion page. Examples include CFD, RFA, and AFD. Foo A placeholder name, used to provide a generic example. For this type of thread, the age is the time interval from the most recent post to current time. Usually a reason for transwikifying to Wiktionary. Special:Deadendpages lists them, but this function is disabled in some Wikimedia projects for performance reasons. The part after the is the name of the Category. As an encyclopedia, Wikipedia is not the appropriate place to publish original research, nor can it be used for substantiation of article content. For abbreviations often used in edit summaries, see, wikipedia:Edit summary legend.

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MedCab, Medcab, medcab The Mediation Cabal. Cotw Collaboration of the week, an article needing improvement that is selected by vote to be the subject of widespread cooperative editing for a week. See also Wikipedia:External links, Wikipedia:Spam. TPS involvement should be constructive or humorous, and is distinguished from wikihounding. These articles are often potential candidates for merging into larger articles. Verb: To apply any such template to a page, or to add a category. Subsequently, new readers continue to alter the page. Court of law in Trenton, New Jersey Often mentioned on noticeboards as a humorous response to legal threats. Most people use their pages to introduce themselves and to keep various personal notes and lists. See also Wikipedia:Revert only when necessary One-revert rule. Phase IV A dream proposal for the next generation of Wikipedia software made back when complete rewrites were in vogue. These character strings are used to delimit comments in html code. Split Separating a single page into two or more pages. Sometimes disputed because of violations of copyright, linking to partisan websites, possible distortions or those reliable sources, or because it may contain comments on the reputable sources that other editors do not like.

meeme escort sihteeriopisto oppilaat

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Discussions involving the term may have links to POV / npov issues, admin problems, or pretty much anything to do with the foundation of Wikipedia. Wikimedia Properly Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Proseline From "prose" and "timeline chronological list of events narrated in a prose form, usually a lot of paragraphs that begin with a date or time On January 21, 2008, 'proseline' was added to the Wikipedia glossary page. Rarely, the term may refer to the Wikipedia:Historical archive page, for outdated historical material. Depending on context, OP may stand for either "original post" (the message which started the thread or "original poster" (the person who started the thread). Also known as a " flag " or the "admin flag". Cabal Sometimes assumed to be a secretive organization responsible for the development of Wikipedia or for clandestinely enforcing certain ways of editing one disagrees with. Some users maintain a Wikistress meeme escort sihteeriopisto oppilaat meter on their user page. For policy, see Wikipedia:Only make links that are relevant to the context and Wikipedia:Build the web. Wikipedia has a page specifically for posting such a request and offering up your work for review. WikiFairy, Wikifaerie, Wiki-fairy, etc. 3RR Abbreviation for three-revert rule. See: Hatted, Hatting.

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See also Wikipedia:Mirrors and forks. Permastub Any stub article which is unlikely to grow to a more respectable size; an article on a subject about which little can ever be written. Used in edit summaries. Bad faith nomination A bad faith nomination is the nomination of a page, or more pages (usually for deletion at AFD ) for disingenuous reasons such as making a point or vandalism. Thread A talk page discussion, usually with more than 2 indented replies. Thus, for example, an article on the tenth president of Foo would be linked by succession box to articles on the ninth and eleventh presidents. Sometimes termed "revert war", see also the three revert rule.